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The Best Golf Training Method

Practice makes perfect, but perfect practice makes you better. There’s nothing more satisfying than putting in the hours on a practice session and knowing that you made an improvement on your game. You have to have a plan and a method to your training regimen. Simply going to the range and hitting balls all day will not make you a better golfer on its own.


How do you put a plan into action?

Golfers who spend more hours at the driving range than on the course are either ignorant of proper training methods or are not really taking their golf game that seriously. Not everyone plays golf for the same reasons, but for those who are truly dedicated to improving their game, they’ll need to approach their practice schedule in a different way.

The problem with hitting hundreds of golf balls into the artificial bowling lane is that when you are swinging to achieve one goal: distance under perfect conditions. What makes this counter-productive in the golf world is that your swing might have something fundamentally wrong with it, but you are unable to see it yourself because you’re only training yourself how to hit the ball in one way, one direction, one power setting, and no other elements to cause you to pinpoint a flaw in your approach.

If you are lacking consistency in your golf swing, chances are good you won’t find it in the driving range, because you will be over-correcting it and not seeing how that relates to the golf course. You’ll drive your ball down a fairway with the same power, grip, motion, and follow-through and be stumped as to why it didn't go the way you imagined it would.

The reason why this moment is so common for golfers is because all the bad habits you've picked up, that worked for you in the past, suddenly hit a slight degree of change in your environment and the result was a terrible hook or shank. If you arm yourself with the best golf instruction DVD, you can start to see some ways in which you might be modifying golf fundamentals and altering your accuracy. Amateur golfers wow over power and drives, but the golf swing plane training aids teaches you that most holes reward the fundamentals, not lucky drives. Besides, wouldn't you rather miss a shot knowing what you did wrong, rather than being frustrated because the “golf gods” aren't giving you their blessings that day?